The Best Quotes From Henna Karna

“The difference within us is the value we bring to those around us.”


“The key to company success is to know approximately what % of every dollar the customer gets back?”

“I don’t see myself as someone born with an innate skill so differentiated and obviously valuable that it provided immediate clarity on what I could offer the world. Hence, I believe in raising a glass to the ordinary person who sets out to do the extraordinary!”

“Structure dictates behavior – good or not so good. Hence, organizational structures must reflect an engagement model that gets the best out of people.”

“Work should be an expression of joy, not in pursuit of success.”

“Happiness is created, not found.”

“Our actions are more important than our opinions – aka a philosophical-hindu belief.”

“The demi-gods in the company are just as human as we are.”

“Authenticity and transparency are now table stakes – these are the foundations of a digital era.” – Henna Karna.

“Our goal is to have our industry viewed as being trustworthy”

“A success metric for digital firms is to understand what is driving the priorities, Return on Equity or Return on Experience?”

“Everything we do is for others. Whether it is taking the time to help others or the opposite – it is the impact to others that makes us calibrate who we are. It is akin to saying we only know the night because we can see the light in the day. That means, our individuality is critical in its affect to our families, our communities, our nations, our Earth. And, that means, we live not for ourselves but for what we can contribute to our world. Which means… to live is to serve.”

We are the best of ourselves when we have different views to consider – we grow the most then. We need people around us who are from different perspectives.

The joy of work is not to be siloed in one area, but to apply learnings across an ecosystem. I am passionate about bringing together a multitude of capabilities across companies, or maybe even across industries – to bridge connection points that help us leverage our ecosystem. We all benefit from thinking outside-in and a healthy dose of co-opetition.”

I don’t try to change anyone but rather optimize what they bring to the table. It is easier said than done. Sometimes we appreciate what we understand (what we find familiar) more than admire what might challenge or change our thinking. However, to really get the right outcome, diversity of thoughts is the strength of choice to lean on.

Success is an agreement we have with ourselves. It’s not a degree or a lifestyle. A successful person, to me, is someone who is compassionate, accountable, and genuine. It is knowing your principles, knowing who you are, and holding true to it no matter the environment or situation. I have met the most successful human beings who are just 8 years old!

This is an evolution – not a transformation per say. I’m keen to recognize that we are taking what we do well and optimizing it with new technology, not necessarily replacing it altogether.

“Within the nuances in our (tech) choices lies the wisdom to manifest our future in this zero-trust world.”

With GenAI at our doors, it is now quite inevitable that we consider our data architecture. Companies must recognize that each interaction or operation is an opportunity for competing and creating differentiated value – it’s a digitally connected world, where those touchpoints are data points. And those data points become the currency that drives companies’ economic value.”

I firmly believe in a pay-it-forward mindset. If we learn something and don’t share it or teach it to someone else, it is effectively irrelevant. Knowledge is only valuable when shared and corroborated with others.

Data Determines Your Future