“Henna’s strong suit is her ability to see the future of insurance—further over the horizon than anyone else I know,” said Dave Cummings
“We recognized Dr. Karna’s brilliance at AIG and later at AXA XL with DEEP, which was so ahead of what other insurers were doing. When I read that Google had hired her, I took note that something extraordinary was in the works for the industry.” said Mike Fitzgerald, principal insurance analyst.
“Henna is one of the few people who understands how the insurance industry can be positively disrupted with the right technologies,” said Maik Taro Wehmeyer, co-founder of Taktile
“She’s [Henna's] super bright and a really broad thinker,” Hersch said. “She’s never been shy about challenging orthodoxy when it’s best for a company or an industry." Karl Hersch, national insurance consulting sector leader at Deloitte, agreed.
“Henna came to me with a very compelling vision,” said Aldo Monteforte, founder and CEO of the Netherlands-based The Floow, a global leader in telematics data management supporting the automotive industries. “She explained that insurance organizations manage information technology with a plethora of point solutions, a `death of a thousand cuts.’ Her vision was to leverage Google’s formidable arsenal of cloud solutions, software and analytics tools in the revolutionary development of a holistic solution entailing minimal change management. I was completely captivated, as I had similar thoughts and leanings.”
“Her vision, passion and unflagging energies are unreal,” said Bill Devine. “Henna’s push to modernity has made her a driving force of change in the industry. She is literally reinventing how insurance gets transacted.”
“Working with you has been a highlight of my time at Google.” – colleague within Google, Googler for 12 years
“Happily, in most cases, I meet some really impressive people in senior executives …even against such high expectations, I did not expect to be as impressed as I was by our session and your clear passion for your work and the people you seek to lead.” – former CEO
“In 28 years, I have never worked this hard, never loved it so much, and never had a manager who inspired me and taught me so much. Your by far the most exceptional manager I have ever had. I did not know such managers existed. .” – former direct manager, CEO
“I am thrilled that you lead with a vision in mind. If others led with such clarity, we would be much farther along. You have made such headway with our stakeholders and have brought in valuable thinking to our team. This is tremendous.” – former direct manager, CEO
“I have interacted and seen a lot intelligence but you are among those few who bring a perfect combination of intelligence and attitude.” – peer colleague, EVP
“I was/am good (and in some cases very good) at a lot of things. But never great at anything (which makes me a normal person, I guess). Sometime ago I made this choice, that good (or very good) is good enough and I actually do consider myself a successful person. I do. But you inspired me to try to be better than good, I actually began wanting to be great. I don't know if I could, but I am curious now. Which is already great. Thank you for that.” – direct report, Chief Architect
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