Essent Group Welcomes Dr. Anu (Henna) A. Karna to Board of Directors, Boosting Innovation in Global Insurance

Essent Group Ltd. (NYSE: ESNT) welcomes Dr. Anu (Henna) A. Karna to its Board, anticipating a boost in global insurance innovation. Mark Casale, CEO, commends Dr. Karna’s rich experience in data and technology. With 25+ years in digital leadership, currently at Google Cloud, she enhances Essent’s strategic vision. Check out the full PDF here.

Hamilton Insurance Group Welcomes Dr. Henna A. Karna and John J. Gauthier to its Board of Directors

Hamilton Insurance Group, Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of industry leaders Dr. Henna A. Karna and John J. Gauthier to its Board of Directors, effective October 24, 2023. With extensive experience in digital innovation and risk management, Dr. Karna and Mr. Gauthier bring a wealth of knowledge to Hamilton’s board, reinforcing the company’s commitment to strategic leadership and industry expertise. Hamilton Board Chair David A. Brown expressed enthusiasm, stating, “Their significant contributions will undoubtedly enhance our board’s capabilities and guide Hamilton towards continued success in the insurance and financial services sectors. Read more.

Dr. Henna Karna's Visionary Quest: Transforming the Insurance Industry with Google's Global Industry Solutions

Embark on a captivating journey with Dr. Henna Karna, Google’s dynamic General Manager of Global Industry Solutions in Insurance. For over two decades, she has tirelessly championed the cause of revolutionizing the insurance landscape, addressing inefficiencies, waste, and the need for customer-centricity. In this exclusive interview with journalist Russ Banham, explore Karna’s unwavering commitment to making insurance the best it can be. From her early days as an actuarial assistant to being featured on the 2021 cover of Carrier Management, discover the inspiring story of a visionary leader breaking through industry barriers and shaping the future with cloud computing, automation, and artificial intelligence. Read more.

Unlocking Industry Insights: Henna Karna Reveals Google Cloud's Impact Across Major Sectors

In this insightful podcast interview, join host Aaron as he introduces the powerhouse, Henna Karna, Managing Director of Global Insurance Risk Management at Google Cloud. Delve into Karna’s role supporting various industries, from retail to banking and financial services. Explore Google Cloud’s financial service solutions tackling industry challenges, including customer experience, operational efficiency, and regulation management. Gain exclusive insights into how Google Cloud sets itself apart through the streamlined “data-to-value journey” and the importance of real-time data transparency in ensuring data security. Karna also sheds light on the evolving landscape of cyber threats, Google’s pioneering Zero Trust model, and the critical role of co-creation and innovation in advancing missions for both Google and its partnering customers. Don’t miss this engaging discussion on principles guiding Google Cloud’s approach to security and performance, shaping the future of technology and industry collaboration. Watch podcast here.

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