- Dr. Henna Karna

Data, AI & Tech Entrepreneur

    “Who we are is based on our inherent factors. However, everything we ‘do’ is relatively for others. Whether it is taking the time to help others or the opposite – it is the impact on others that makes us calibrate ourselves. It is akin to saying we only know the night because we can see the light in the day. This means that our individuality is the contribution we give and critical in its affect to our families, our communities, our nations, our Earth. And, that means, we live not for ourselves but for what we can contribute to our world. Which means… to live is to serve.”

Mathematician Entrepreneur

Author, Architect, Artist at Heart.

Dr. Henna Karna is an India-born American woman, mother of three, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister to three (second oldest of four), aunt to four, and cousin-sister to a dozen extended family members. Raised with traditional expectations all around, demands within cultural constructs, & responsibilities to be a successful breadwinner, Henna does not believe individuals can have it all but that we thrive within teams and by caregiving & caretaking.

“Every day is a decision to be grateful for what I have & prioritize and be persistent for what I believe is worth achieving. I am an ordinary woman who is often referred to as a non-conformist, outside-in thinker. I appreciate that because to improve things requires us to recognize that we can do something differently. It gives us reason to value courage and conviction. My passion is to get us to value our uniqueness so that we can give back to our community and world as much as possible.” – Henna Karna

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Industries: Over the last 25+ years, Henna has spanned leading high performing, diverse teams and building product innovation across digital/data in High-Tech, CPG, risk management, and Financial Services & Insurance industries (across vendors, brokers, and independent agents). This has included leading businesses and advising Fortune 100 companies on digital innovation and disruption, while designing and developing patent-pending technology and applications in the field of genetic algorithms, behavioral analytics, deep neural nets, & digital-data technologies.

Superpowers: “Nurturing an idea, bringing along cross-functional teams, and building products of customer value – making a company go from Good to Great.”


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  • Data & Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Large Language Models / Generative AI
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Digital Innovation / Transformation
  • Emotional Intelligence & Modeling
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  • Identity
  • Valocracy (c)
  • Brinkmanship (c)
  • Chaos Theory
  • Knot Theory

Everyone! Can’t start a fire without a spark!

Henna’s most famous quote has been a toast to the “ordinary person who sets out to do the extraordinary” because she was not someone who was born with skills in a particular area that defaulted her path… no natural born skills in art, music, mathematics, public speaking, biology, or anything that fit in a known subject matter. She believes in every person’s journey to building value for the world, straight A student or not, natural born talent or conviction and tenacity to do all it takes!